Redesign of local assembly

As technology is getting smarter, we need to be better prepared to ensure we continue making improvements and keep up with demand in the changing environment.

Over the past couple of months, we have undertaken the task to redesign our assembly manufacturing area to accommodate for new equipment. For the past couple of weeks (as part of our innovation workshops) we have been engaging our staff to provide input on the assembly redesign. They were asked to come up with a plan, which they presented to management last week.


Stage 1:

Stage 1 of the plan will be to purchase a German model Selective Soldering Machine (SSM) (picture below) with a revolutionary PhotoScan CAD offline programming system; this will allow us to greatly improve our efficiencies and quality. The SSM will also have two titanium solder pots, which will enable us to perform both leaded and non-leaded soldering.

Stage 2:

Our new completed Assembly area (picture below) will also house a component storage warehouse with humidly controlled environment (ESD control), which will safely store sensitive components and prevent oxidisation. We will post pictures once the construction is completed.

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