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At Precision, we believe that our people set us apart from our competitors.

As 2018 is the year of innovation and improvement, we wanted to ask our employees, “How can we improve the way we do things?” Who else would be better at making suggestions than the people who are involved in the day to day running of the business?

In the past, we have utilised surveys and various other methods for suggestions and feedback, but this time around we wanted the team to have access to an area where information and ideas could be easily shared and discussed.

Instead of using traditional meeting rooms, we wanted an informal, easily accessible space where all employees would be comfortable to share ideas, post photos, comments and provide feedback while passing through as part of their daily routine.

As you will see in the before photo, we chose a rather bland wall on the way to the lunch room to become Precision’s Community Hub. The energy of our Marketing Manager helped transform this area into an interactive space where our company values and objectives are always on display to remind us why we work here.

We can now hold presentations with the entire staff at one time using a cleverly hidden projector screen and post photos and announcements for all to see. We also setup two separate boxes for ideas and feedback, the contents of which are regularly discussed by the leadership group. All ideas and suggestions put forward are reviewed and communicated back to the staff, and we present an award for the best idea of the month.

Of course, everything we do at Precision seems to revolve around food as you will see in the pictures on the website. Each month we have a morning to tea to celebrate staff birthdays for that period, followed by information sharing in the Hub. We also hold quarterly BBQs which have become quite legendary with our Hong Kong office and Chinese suppliers.

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