Lunch BBQ with Sophic

Over the last week in April, we had the opportunity to host a lunch BBQ to Sophic, one of our major suppliers who we’ve enjoyed working with for the past three years. The owner, Quality Manager and Department Manager flew down from Hong Kong to meet the Precision staff and get introduced to some Aussie culture.

We first took them to the Anzac Day parade followed by a tour around Melbourne CBD. Later that evening, they attended their very first AFL match and got to experience first-hand the energy of the players and the fans at the Richmond VS Melbourne game, which did not disappoint.

The next day, we held a lunch BBQ at the Precision head office where the Sophic team got the opportunity to meet our entire local assembly team. They also presented on their capabilities, the way they work and the role they play to make sure Precision’s customers are happy.

They then discussed their quality system with our Quality Manager to make sure we continue producing high quality products to our customers.

One of the main reasons we love working with Sophic is because of their company culture. Sophic’s leaders place a heavy importance on proactive collaboration and group participation; they hold monthly (informal) meetings with their entire staff to discuss any concerns and look at new ideas and approaches to solve any issues.

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