Gallagher's Supplier of the Year Award

Earlier last month, Sue, Joanne, and I visited Hamilton, New Zealand to attend Gallagher’s Supplier of the Year 2018 ceremony.

A tour of the facilities

Prior to the festivities, I got the opportunity to meet Julian Thornton, Gallagher’s Operations Manager, who gave a tour of their manufacturing facility. I also had the chance to meet Paul Bensley, the Group Procurement manager, with whom we discussed various topics including Innovation, which allowed us to better understand Gallagher’s culture and where they want to be in the future.

Gallagher celebrations

At the start of the event, we got to interact with all of Gallagher’s suppliers and staff as we never had the chance to do so before. When we finally made our way to the table, we were seated with Fiona, Gallagher’s PCB Design - Team Leader, who we work very closely with.

The entertainment was fantastic! Brad Blaze, a speed painter, painted some well-known personalities; he was just awesome to watch. After he finished, all his paintings were auctioned off to raise money for Hospice New Zealand, which is a national body that supports and helps people who are terminally ill. You can read more about them here.

Over the course of the evening, the Gallagher team extend a warm welcome to all their suppliers and thanked all of us for our support over the years. They also presented the Supplier of the Year award to their top supplier. Sadly, Precision didn’t win any awards ☹, but there is always next year.

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