Part 1/3: The Annual Planning Process

As the annual planning process (for the new year) always starts in Q4 of the previous year, the leadership team at Precision has been getting together since November 2017 to fine tune and improve our annual plans for 2018.

Over the next few months, I will share with you the six steps that we undertook to help us define our 2018 plans. These steps should prove useful to you when making your own personal and/or professional plans.

Understand your WHY

The first step we took was ‘Understanding our WHY’. Have a look at this video of Simon Sinek:

Whilst this might sound like an easy step, it was anything but. As the Managing Director of the organisation, it was very easy to understand our WHAT and HOW, but we had never previously attempted to discover our WHY collectively as the leadership group, nor as individuals. The process was challenging with many layers to peel away before uncovering our individual WHY.

Every time I thought I figured out my WHY, the facilitator made me realise and understand that my proposed WHY was actually an outcome and not my driver. We were lucky to have a great facilitator who kept challenging us and sending us back to the drawing board. What I thought was a simple exercise, was actually ‘pulling at your heart string’ stuff because ultimately, it’s about what motivates you at a deeper level.

After many hours of back and forth (with the facilitator) and going through various life situations and examples to understand what motivates my behaviour and actions, I finally realised my personal WHY: To impact lives positively through relationships and interactions.

It became really freeing in a way when the leadership team got closer to our real WHYs. I felt that those involved in the exercise experienced a sense of discovery through the process, which ultimately led to genuine excitement and renewed passion for what was always there but unknown.

Extremely interesting was the fact that just about everyone in the leadership group had a very similar WHY, which is based on genuine caring. Not sure the reason for that, but perhaps it is at the core of most human beings, or that people are attracted to those who hold the same views and values as themselves unlike the theory that opposites attract.

We all had our personal WHYs, so the next step was to figure out our organisation’s WHY collectively.

Precision’s WHY: We genuinely care about improving people lives and providing a positive experience (through our products and services).

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