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One of Precision’s core goals is to build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, which will have a direct influence on all parts of the company. We want to build a culture where any employee can freely put their hand up and suggest a process improvement or submit a new idea or product concept. We want our staff to know that they have a voice.

As part of our commitment to building a culture of innovation, we held company wide innovation workshops last month. To assist us with this, we brought in Catherine Jacobs from Footprint Consulting who has worked with us before on other projects around innovation. Using her own personal experiences as an example, she explained the basic concepts of innovation and shared the importance of working together as ONE team. We also discussed Precision’s current direction in product development.

The purpose of running these workshops is to build a robust, transparent and efficient process that will enable us to develop new products. Our future goal is to create a highly motivated core team that will identify and create product ideas with the focus on efficient manufacturing (one of our other core goals).

As the Quality & Innovations Manager, I deeply understand how and why Innovation is vital for the sustainability of the company. So, our first step will be to create a core team and a steering committee that will meet regularly to share, discuss and evaluate ideas. We will also put a framework in place so we can track and measure our progress and extract lessons learnt from each outcome.

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