How we select PCB/PCBA partners in Hong Kong

Every year Robert Moran, our Operations Manager, and I travel to Hong Kong to meet our HK team and visit some of our key suppliers and partners.

This year, we planned our HK trip right before the Chinese New Year celebrations to gift our Precision HK team with individual traditional red envelopes containing money (hongbao). It is a Chinese tradition for leaders/managers to present their staff with red envelopes as good luck for the coming year. We also took the opportunity to present our key suppliers and partners with Certificates of Appreciation for their good performance and continued support over the past year.

China has a very fast pace of development; and over the past few years I’ve witnessed that manufacturers are not afraid of equipping their facilities with up-to-date modern technologies. This works highly in our favour as most of our customers have special requirements for their projects (for example: some of our customers require us to source extremely thick copper and embedded copper coin PCBs to meet the heat dissipation requirements of intensive and high-power components).

At Precision, we always place a great importance on process control to ensure predictability of high-quality products, and it was good to see that one of the facilities we visited had setup significant quality process controls in place. The equipment in this facility was incredible; I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many flying-probe testers and universal-grid testers in one facility during my 40 years in the manufacturing industry. Usually the better manufacturers implement the 5S methodology (Sort, Set In order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) in their workplace; but this particular facility also added a sixth S - Safety of their employees.

Before selecting (and finalising) a prospect supplier, we always conduct a thorough audit to make sure they pass all our requirements and are able to meet our customers’ PCB/PCBA needs. Our HK team will be completing the audit over the next few months.

Our Supplier Approval Process is available on request, so please let us know if you would like more information.

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