Why are women important in Electronics

As the debate over equality continues in the workplace, at Precision, we are proud to say that we are very well represented in the area of gender equality. Indeed, Electronics is one industry where the division between the sexes is not so apparent. By comparison only 20% of women make up the workforce in the manufacturing industry.

We currently have a ratio of 45% women and 55% men. Our PCB Through Hole Assembly line is almost totally comprised of women, due to their excellent fine motor skills. Women are also seen as having higher levels of attention to detail and are generally more gentle on equipment, meaning less maintenance is required.

A large portion of our staff, both men and women have university degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and those that don’t, have spent over 10 years in the industry. We have women in key roles in the organisation, including a Sales Support Engineer, an External Account Manager, two internal Account Managers, an Accounts Payable Officer, myself (HR Manager and member of the Leadership Group), an Inwards goods Officer, as well as many technicians and operators.

We recently purchased a selective soldering machine and the skilled technician who is being trained to operate this high-tech machine is, you guessed it, a woman!

We welcome some of the soft skills that women bring to the organisation and recognise that women generally have a greater need for work life balance, as they are quite often the primary care givers. By offering part-time opportunities, reduced hours, flexible start and finish times, and the chance to work school hours etc., we have very high levels of staff retention and subsequently low turnover.

We also encourage women to undertake further training, enable them to develop their careers, break down barriers and create new possibilities for the next generation of women. At Precision, we believe that all employees should be treated equally and offer opportunities to all our staff, both men and women.

On International Women’s Day we are going to celebrate by giving back to the wonderful women who work for our organisation by presenting each of them with a specially selected gift.

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