Box Build/Turnkey Assembly

Box building or Turnkey assembly, sometimes also called as ‘Systems Integration’ refers to the construction of a product that is ready for immediate use; no further assembly is required. It involves the complete assembly of all the various components including the mechanical (Plastic/Metal enclosures), electrical (cable harnesses/ wiring looms) and electronic components (PCB Assemblies).

Some examples of Box builds are:

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Industrial grade gas/ water detection systems

  • Public Address systems

  • Power Amplifiers

  • Hifi DAC converter

  • Waterproof swimming pool lighting etc.


In order to create a high-quality box build, we will require the following information/files from you:

PCB manufacturing:

  • PCB Altium/Gerber files (Include specs such as thickness, copper thickness, solder mask colour, finish, etc)

PCBA + CABLE assemblies:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) for PCBA (Include Manufacture part numbers, Brands, Descriptions, Designators, Quantities, Footprint, Customer part number, etc. Highlight your preferred suppliers + supplier codes, if any. Refer to our blog ‘Top 6 issues that impact manufacturing and delivery’ on tips on how to create a well organised BOM).

  • Assembly drawings of PCBA (Include Reference designators, Component positions & Polarities)

  • Pick & Place files

  • Include any Special instructions of PCBA (if any), such as Conformal coating, Potting, Serial numbers, Test records, etc.

  • Cable drawings + specs for all cable harnesses and/or looms


  • 3D CAD model of enclosure + specifications (include drawings, size, weight, colour, material, finish, IP rating, etc)

  • High level BOM of Box Build (Please include everything in addition to the PCBA BOM such as Mechanical parts, Cables, Membranes, Screws, etc)

  • Enclosure specifications


  • Programming firmware files

  • Firmware + software installation instructions

  • Level of testing required along with test instructions

ADDITIONAL information:

  • Membrane drawings + specifications, if any

  • Detailed build instructions including assembly drawings for box build

  • Label and packaging instructions

  • Sample unit or pictures of build

To ensure a smooth build of your product, we can help you create some of the files/documents mentioned above and setup any processes at your end, if required.

Box Build Turnkey Assembly Process in Precision



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